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iPhone Cases That Will Charge Your Phone

Three iPhone Cases That Will Charge Your Phone

These cases will charge your iPhone without using a charging cableWhat if your case not only protected your phone from scratches and damage, but also charged your phone? These three cases do exactly that. They harness different power sources like solar power, wall plugs and wireless QI charging.  Depending on your lifestyle and preference, one […]

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2 The Complete Wireless Charging Guide

The Complete Wireless Charging Guide

Finally: iPhone 8 and iPhone X support Qi wireless charging! This wireless charging guide will answer all your questions about:- What is wireless charging and how can I benefit from it? – Does my phone support wireless charging?- If my phone is not QI charging ready – can you upgrade it?- What are the best […]

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Security Camera at Home

4 Reasons To Have A Security Camera At Home

According to SafeGuard, around 2 million cases of home burglaries are being reported each year. With that alarming number of incidents, we have to do all we can to keep our homes safe and secured. Following some tips to keep our homes’ security tight, you might also consider installing a home security system like security cameras to ensure a […]

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Improve Home Security

5 Tips To Improve Home Security

Our homes are our safe haven after a hard day’s work. As they say, ‘home is where our heart is’. And keeping it safe and secured is our top priority.Burglaries happen to some neighbourhood in the United States, and according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, 73% of the robberies happen in residential communities.We prepared some […]

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lxury wireless charging set with imac

3 Reasons To Get A Wireless Phone Charger

Technology has become unpredictable nowadays. From wireless phone chargers to virtual reality available for consumers, it is undeniable that technology is becoming more integrated, and it’s not going to stop anytime soon!Nowadays, you can already stream audio and video over WiFi and speak via Bluetooth headsets. But what about charging our devices? Instead of being […]

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Reason To Own An Apple Watch

Top 6 Reasons To Own An Apple Watch

There has been much discussion about the necessity of the Apple Watch since it came out in 2015. Two years later, you might ask yourself, what are the main reasons to Own An Apple Watch?We list the top 6 reasons why having the Apple Watch is essential these days:1. Timekeeping & Notificationsimage by course, one of the […]

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foldable apple watch charger lxory

Apple Watch Charger With Nightstand Mode

Foldable MFi Certified Apple Watch Charger Designed To Enable Nightstand ModeIf you have to replace your Apple Watch charger or just want a second one – this one might be just right. Perfect on your nightstand, desktop or on the go.  The foldable design enables “Nightstand Mode” when the charger arm is lifted up. Push the arm […]

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wireless charging set for iphone

QI Wireless Charging Set For iPhones 5,6,7

Tired of plugging you charging cable in and out every day? There is an easier way to charge your iPhone. This wireless charging set will get you sorted in minutes.​Wireless charging technology has ben around for a while now. We covered this topic in depth in this article. Just place your QI-enabled phone on the […]

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