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Reason To Own An Apple Watch

Top 6 Reasons To Own An Apple Watch

There has been much discussion about the necessity of the Apple Watch since it came out in 2015. Two years later, you might ask yourself, what are the main reasons to Own An Apple Watch?We list the top 6 reasons why having the Apple Watch is essential these days:1. Timekeeping & Notificationsimage by course, one of the […]

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foldable apple watch charger lxory

Apple Watch Charger With Nightstand Mode

Foldable MFi Certified Apple Watch Charger Designed To Enable Nightstand ModeIf you have to replace your Apple Watch charger or just want a second one – this one might be just right. Perfect on your nightstand, desktop or on the go.  The foldable design enables “Nightstand Mode” when the charger arm is lifted up. Push […]

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wireless charging set for iphone

QI Wireless Charging Set For iPhones 5,6,7

Tired of plugging you charging cable in and out every day? There is an easier way to charge your iPhone. This wireless charging set will get you sorted in minutes.​Wireless charging technology has ben around for a while now. We covered this topic in depth in this article. Just place your QI-enabled phone on the […]

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1 solar powered outdoor security camera

Solar Powered Outdoor WIFI Security Camera

Feel Safer Without Pulling Cables Buy In Our WebShop This solar powered outdoor WIFI security camera includes the latest developments in surveillance technology. Smart, versatile, easy to install and self-sufficient. Just place it anywhere around your property without having to think of power supply. The intelligent integration of solar panel, built-in battery and power management […]

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14 mobile trends 2017

The Top 12 Mobile Trends 2017 (And Beyond)

What´s hot in the mobile world today? These are the twelve most prominent mobile trends 2017 and developments in mobile technology you don´t want to miss. Quick Navigation 1. Mobile Video2. Push Notification3. The End of Desktop4. Smartphone App Development5. Voice Interface and Recognition6. Mobile Accessories7. Mobile Payments8. Snapchat9. The Year of VR10. Wearable Electronics11. […]

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watch movies on your iPad

The Easy Way To Watch Movies On Your iPad

Ground-Breaking Products Are Helping to Make Television Sets a Thing of the PastThe cord-cutting revolution is well under way. The trend is on to watch movies on your iPad.Every month, more and more television watchers are dropping their cable and satellite subscriptions and relying on the various streaming services to meet their video entertainment needs. […]

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solar walk 3D

Solar Walk 3D – Explore the Cosmos On Your Tablet

Two Pioneering Companies Allow Kids of All Ages to Experience the Solar SystemAstronauts have to rely on dehydrated food packets and cope without gravity and running water. For tablet users with Solar Walk installed, space exploration can be a lot easier.Of the many ways to enjoy a tablet, using it to travel through the solar […]

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music stand for ipad

Music Stand for iPad and PracticePlus

Making Practicing Music Easy and ConvenientSince Apple introduced the iPad in 2010, tablets have invaded just about every aspect of users’ lives. From the couch to the kitchen to the classroom, tablets are being used everywhere. Now tablet owners can even use their devices in the music room.With the introduction of the FourFlexx music stand […]

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practice yoga at home

Practice Yoga at Home With YogaStudio & FourFlexx

Advanced Technology Allows Fans to Practice Yoga at Home Without Paying Expensive Fees or Fear of EmbarrassmentYoga is one of the fastest-growing activities in the world.Recent reports show that over 20 million people practice yoga in the United States alone. And sales of tablets have been increasing every year since the introduction of the iPad in […]

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