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Top 6 Reasons To Own An Apple Watch

Reason To Own An Apple Watch

There has been much discussion about the necessity of the Apple Watch since it came out in 2015. Two years later, you might ask yourself, what are the main reasons to Own An Apple Watch?

We list the top 6 reasons why having the Apple Watch is essential these days:

1. Timekeeping & Notifications

apple watch timekeeping and notifications

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Of course, one of the main reasons to own an Apple Watch is to tell time. But with Apple Watch, it is so much more than just a regular timekeeper. It can also notify you if you have a new text, new email or any notifications from your phone without taking it out of your pocket or your bag.

Notifications can appear on your wrist, sending you a subtle tap that doesn't even light up the display unless you turn the Watch to signal your attention.

2. Adds Motivation In Fitness

Own An Apple Watch to improve fitness

Let’s admit it - it is hard to keep up with fitness, especially having the mood to get into it. With the smart device in your hand, you can keep track of your progress that could trigger your interest and motivation to stay fit and healthy. This alone is one of the top reasons to own an Apple Watch for many of my friends.

With a heart-rate monitor built-in, and GPS on the Series 2, Apple Watch makes for a compelling exercise and wellness companion. You automatically track all the basics, including standing and moving around as well as exercise, steps, and stairs.

And for those extra bragging rights, you can share your achievements with the people closest to you. That way when you reach a goal or they do, you can send a message or emoji to encourage them.

3. A New Way To Be Organized

notifications reasons to Own An Apple Watch

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One of the interesting points how Apple Watch can be used nowadays is to liberate us from depending too much on our mobile phones.

A few clicks of the Apple Watch could eliminate some of the texting, emailing and music browsing which we commonly do on our smartphones. This way, we could be focused on other tasks instead of keeping our eyes  and hands glued to our mobile phones.

4. A New Way To Pay

pay with apple watch

Save all that hassle of fumbling for your wallet or even your iPhone, or worry about dropping your tap-to-pay card and paying for someone else's gas or burger, you simply press a button on your Apple Watch, hold it close to the terminal, and you are done.

The integration of Apple Pay in Apple Watch is one of the smart and innovative things that happen in technology today. Plus, it’s safe and secure, not just convenient.

5. Wirelessly Control Almost Everything

apple watch controls home kit

If you have an Apple TV and a Homekit integration for your home, your Apple Watch can control not just your TV and iPhone, but it can even control the lights, thermostat, blinds, fans, and other connected devices in your home.

Apple Watch can indeed reach for any possibilities, not just turning off your lights but also it could mean not having to reach for your phone constantly! Everything can be handled on your wrist. Isn’t that smart and unbelievable?

6. Your Daily Companion

LXORY foldable apple watch charger

Apart from being your go-to buddy for emails, fitness and other stuff, one of the reasons to own An Apple Watch is: it can do wonders not just on your wrist but also, even on your bedside table!

With LXORY Apple Watch Charger, it’s possible! By flipping up the little arm with the charger head attached, your watch rotates into nightstand mode. A function that turns your Apple Watch into an alarm clock when positioned on its side.

This unique and useful accessory could be your daily companion for your Apple Watch. Genius, isn’t it? How about getting one today? Check out full details here.

These are our top 6 reasons to own an Apple Watch.
Let us know about yours and comment below! 

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