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The Complete Wireless Charging Guide

The Complete Wireless Charging Guide

This Guide Will Answer All Your Questions About Wireless Charging

- What is wireless charging and how can I benefit from it?
- Does my phone support wireless charging?
- If my phone is not QI charging ready - can you upgrade it?
- What are the best wireless QI chargers in the market and where can I buy them?

Wireless charging has gained a lot of attention recently and is one of the top mobile trends. But it requires some knowledge to best benefit from it. Keep reading and learn all that is important to know. 

What Is Wireless Charging ?

'Wireless charging' or 'Inductive charging' is a technology that allows you to charge your phone without using a charging cable.
It makes use of the magnetic induction principle discovered by Michael Faraday in 1831.

magnetic induction

On the charger / transmitter side, alternating current is sent through a coil to create a magnetic field.
A second coil in the receiver (phone, tablet etc.) converts the magnetic field back into electric current which chargers the battery. This is a very convenient way of filling up batteries without the issue of plugging and unplugging cables. However, there are interface standards that need consideration before you can use wireless charging, and the most acceptable standard is called "QI" (pronounced as "chee").

"QI" is a Chinese term that means "natural energy" 

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"QI" is a Chinese term that means "natural energy". The QI standard was developed by the Wireless Power Consortium. It's an interface standard that describes the transferring of electrical power through induction over a very short distance up to 1.6 inches. QI is the newest and officially adopted wireless device charging standard that has been commonly used by most smartphone companies such as Samsung, Google and Nokia.

How Does Wireless Charging Work?

The application of wireless charging for the user boils down to:

- Having a QI ready device (phone, tablet)
- Owning a wireless charger / transmitter

As soon as your device is QI-ready, all you have to do is place it on top of the charger and – sim sala bim – your phone is charging without plugging in the cable. Pretty cool and hands-free. No more fiddling with cables. The transmitter is still attached to a cable, of course. But that's not an issue since the transmitter will typically be permanently placed where it's most convenient for you to use.
If you want to use this technology with your existing device, look it up in the list of QI-ready devices below. If it's on the list you're lucky. All you need then is a transmitter or charging pad. If your device does not come with an inbuilt receiver coil, don't worry. Most smartphones can be equipped with an after market receiver.  

how wireless charging works

QI Charging Ready iPhone

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Here is a fun-to-watch video on the topic:

Wireless Charging Pros and Cons

A few things to consider before you decide if this technology is a good fit for you. Wireless charging comes with many perks. But it also has some down sides most sellers of charging pads won't talk about.


  • Very convenient: no need to plug / unplug charging cable. Especially handy when you answer calls: just pick up your phone with no strings attached.
  • Tidier desktop: a transmitter pad looks better than a dangling cable and does not fall off the counter.
  • No risk of electric shock due to exposed charging cable ends.
  • There are no mechanical moving parts involved which can break like charging cables often do.
  • Inexpensive. Most charging pads and stands cost less than $30


  • Charging takes longer. The power efficiency of QI chargers is around 60-70%.
  • If you restart your phone or install a new operating system, it´s much safer to use old-school cord-charging.
  • Receiver and transmitter must be well aligned due to the very short operational range.
  • Potential issues when using or changing your phone case. If too thick, wireless charging might stop working.
  • Risk of heat damage: some chargers generate a significant amount of heat during charging. 

Is My Phone QI Charging Ready?

A great number of smartphones today come with built in QI charging ability. These phones can be charged with one of the many available chargers. If your model is on the list below – you´re lucky. Just buy one of the many available QI transmitter pads and go cable-free.

List Of Wireless Qi Charging Ready Phones




Microsoft (Nokia)

iPhone 8

Note 7

Nexus 4

Lumia 950 XL

iPhone X

Note 5

Nexus 5

Lumia 950


Nexus 6

Lumia 1520

S7 Edge

Nexus 7

Lumia Icon


Lumia 930

S6 Edge

Lumia 928

S6 Edge+

Lumia 920

S8, S8+

Lumia 830

Lumia 735





Asus Padfone S

Motorola Droid Max

Torque G02

Blackberry Priv

Motorola Droid Mini

Urbano L01

Blackberry Z30

Motorola Droid Turbo

Urbano L03

Blackberry Classic

M.T.T Master

Hydro Elite

CAT Catphone

M.T.T Master 4G

HTC 8x

Saygus V Squared


Says V Squared

HTC Thunderbold

Sony Xperia Z4v

LG Optimus G Pro

Sony BSP10

LG G3, G4, G6, G6+

Techdy Basic Bear

Vertu Signature Touch

If your phone is on the list above - congratulations! Choose your charging pad and start charging wirelessly.
If not - this list is not complete. Please double-check the official QI registered product database on the website of the Wireless Power Consortium. It has over 700 entries which wold be a bit too much to list here.

If your model definitely does not support QI charging, there is still a way to go wireless: get an after-market receiver! Receivers are available for Apple iPhones and many other brands. Scroll down this wireless charging guide to see the list of available after-market receivers.

Is My iPhone QI Enabled?

Good news:  iPhone 8 and iPhone X  support wireless charging! 
All other iPhone models (5/5s/5c/6/6 Plus,7) do not support wireless charging from the get go. But you can upgrade all of them with external receivers. These are simply flat coils with a bit of electronics with a connector that fits your iPhone jack. Receivers come in two versions:

  1. Stand-alone receiver coils.  They may not be the best looking accessory but they come pretty cheap (around $10 upward) and do the job. 
  2. Phone cases with a built in receiver. A good way to get protection and QI charging in one accessory. The price range is wide, just like for generic cases, but you can get one for under $20.

Is My Tablet QI Charging Ready?

According to my research for the Wireless Charging Guide, there are only two tablets which have inbuilt QI charging ability:

  1. Google Nexus 7
  2. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (production discontinued)

So if you don't own one of those - the answer is "no". But just like with the phones, you can add an external receiver to your tablet.

Find All Wireless Charging Spots Near By

wireless charging spots with aircharge

Keep your battery charged when you're out and about with the Aircharge locator app. It's a wireless charging guide for Qi hotspots that gives you access to the most extensive network of Qi charging locations, consisting of more than 4,000 public venues worldwide.

Find QI charging spots in cafés, restaurants and shops, airports, train stations, hotels and gyms in your surroundings.​

The mobile app is available for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.​

Using Built-In Wireless Car Chargers

built in qi car charger

An increasing number of recent car models come with a built-in Qi charging bay. Manufactures like Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo and a few more have become aware of the trend and started to equip their vehicles with wireless charging pads. 
But do these pads work with your phone model? In most cases - yes. As long as your phone fits in the charging bay complies with the Qi-standard, there should be no problem. Some iPhone 8 and X owners however experienced problems with the chargers in their cars. If you want to avoid bad surprises - take a look at this Apple support page. It contains a detailed list of car models that are confirmed to work (or not work) with iPhone series 8 and X.

QI Wireless Charging Receivers

If your phone is not on the list above and hence does not come with an inbuilt receiver coil, then you surely need an external receiver, which comes in two versions: coil pad or case. Let's take a look at the coil pads.

QI Receiver Module For All  iPhone 5, 6 and 7 Models


QI add-on receiver for iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 5, 5s and 5c. It will work perfectly with any Qi wireless charger pad and with any 3-7mm (approx 0.1-0.3 inches) thick iPhone case.

QI Receiver For Samsung Galaxy S5

qi receiver samsung galaxy S5

This receiver module is thin enough to be placed on top of the battery. Take off the back cover, attach the Energy Card on the battery, put on the back cover.

USB C Wireless Charging Receiver for Google Pixel XL / LG V20 / HTC 10 / OnePlus 3 and Other Type C Phones

Wireless charging receiver patch specially designed for Big Size Type-C devices.
Output: 5V/1A (Max)
Charge Efficiency: ≧70%
Standard: QI Wireless Charging Standard

Phone Cases With QI Charging Receivers

QI Wireless Charging Through a Case

Another option to get your Smartphone QI-ready is to use a phone case with a built-in receiver. This is more elegant and comfortable than the stand-alone receiver modules shown above. Because you don´t have to worry about an extra device attached to the back of your phone – it´s already built in. 

Antye Wireless Charger Charging Receiver Case for iPhone 6/6S

QI charging case for iPhone models 6 and 6S with inbuilt receiver coil. Connects to the lightning port.
Two-in-one protection and wireless charging.

Qi Wireless Charger Receiver Case for iPhone SE/5/5s

iphone5 qi case

This Qi wireless receiver case uses a Texas Instruments chipset featuring a large coil and is compliant with WPC Qi 1.0/1.1 standards.
1A receiver output current. The charging speed is close to the the one via the Apple Lightning cable.

Powermat Ring (PMA)

A different standard from QI but not to be missed in a wireless charging guide is the Powermat technology. The receiver module is a bit different here: a ring that looks like a giant mint and is very easy to use. Simply plug its end to your lightning port to enable PMA wireless charging.
Starbucks promotes this standard and provides Powermat charging spots for customers in their outlets . If you want to find other Powermat hot spots, you can search using the Powermat iOS and Android apps.

Powermat Ring available for iPhone 4/5/6 and microUSB Devices

powermat ring

Any microUSB phone or iPhone can be wirelessly charged on any Powermat charging spot by using a Powermat Ring.There is a wide variety of AirFuel Inductive compatible phones on the market, and they can be purchased through multiple carriers.

QI Wireless Charging Transmitters

If you followed this wireless charging guide so far, you now know all about the receiver-part. Moving forward, we need to cover the transmitter-part as well: that´s where your receiver gets its juice from. 

Wireless charging transmitters come in different sizes, shapes and colors. There are models to be placed flat on a desk (charging pads), charging stands that elevate your phone from the surface and  even models to be used in cars. You can also get a portable battery pack with QI transmitter when you are an outdoor-person. Although the charging time is a bit longer compared to the traditional method, but it doesn't require additional cables and comes very handy.

One Coil vs. Three Coils

When looking for a charging pad, you will see offers saying "1 coil" or "3 coil". What does that mean? 
Transmitters use coils to generate the electro-magnetic field that powers up your receiver. The receiver has to be in very close proximity to the transmitter in order to pick up the field. 
In order to provide a larger area of charging, some products are equipped with several coils (mostly three of them). So in general it´s a good thing to have a multiple-coil transmitter. It will allow you to place your device in landscape mode and still getting charged. 

Wireless Charging Pads

QI charging pads come in different shapes and sizes. Some have LED lights indicating the charging status. Some make sounds when you place your phone on them. But they all are made to be placed flat on your desk, cabinet or phone stand and provide the most simple solution for cable-free phone charging.

LXORY Qi Wireless Charging Set For iPhone

If you want to enjoy QI charging on your iPhone - this wireless charging kit will do the job.
It contains a transmitter (charging pad) and a receiver to be connected to your iPhones lightning port (compatible models: 5,5C,5S,6,6 Plus,6S,6S Plus,SE,7,7 Plus).

Samsung is one of the leading brands that have made the wireless power charging model a standard feature in most of their high-end smartphones. The latest Galaxy S6/Edge is proof of the same.

Samsung Wireless Charging Pad Black Sapphire

samsung charging pad

What makes this Samsung Wireless Pad advantageous is that it has a circular rubber ridge that holds your device in place while charging. It also has a plastic LED cover that glows whenever your device or phone is not properly positioned. 

Dual Wireless Charging Pad For Two Phones

If you have two qi-ready phones to charge at the same time - no problem. The LXORY dual charging station comes with two charging pads and an USB power outlet to charge a third device.

Wireless Charging Stands

The 'next level' of wireless charging would be a charging stand. It not only charges you phone, but also lifts if off the table to provide a more comfortable viewing angle. Some stands can even add quite a bit of style to your desktop. Take a look and see what floats your boat. The options are numerous.

QI Wireless Charging Stand for Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Plus, S7, S7 Edge, Note 5, S6 Edge Plus

qi charging stand

The fast charging mode is compatible ONLY with Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, S7 Edge, S7, S6 Edge Plus and Note 5; Other Qi-enabled devices will charge at standard wireless charging speeds.
Easily answer emails, text messages, receive calls and whatever else you might need to do at office while your phone is charging.
Highly recommended purchasing one QC 2.0 or above adapter (not included) for fast charging.

LXORY XStand2 Apple Watch and iPhone Stand Combined With The LXORY QI Charging Set

XStand with QI wireless charging kit

The LXORY XStand2 can easily be upgraded to a wireless charging stand combined with the LXORY QI iPhone charging set.
Just stick the transmitter to the  XStand, attach the receiver to your iPhone and ready is your wireless charging Station for both iPhone and Apple Watch. We designed the charger to be a great fit and for the XStand so you can charge your iPhone and Apple Watch cable-free in one place.

Wireless Chargers For Cars

Even in your car you can enjoy wireless charging now. Here is a  popular model that seems to work fine:

Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

qi charger for car

The TankShip wireless charger can be rotated 360 degrees and tilted up and down by 15 degrees. It can be mounted on a car air vent or attached to the dashboard using the included sticky patch.

Concluding The Wireless Charging Guide

Using a wireless charger is a great option especially for those who don’t like entangled wires on their tables. Besides being handy, it comes with lots of choices and features to matches your taste, lifestyle and needs. Before choosing your charger:

  1. Check if your device is QI charger ready
  2. If not - get the receiver for your phone or tablet first
  3. Then select the best charger according to your needs and taste

This wireless charging guide should give you all the directions necessary to make an educated decision.

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