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lxory xstand2

Organize Your Desktop In Style...

413 Reviews on Amazon  (August 2017)

... With the new and improved XStand2 Apple Watch And iPhone Charging Stand.

"Finally one that works and looks good! I have tried a few dock/stands for my iPhone and Watch. This is the one right here people!"   Jeremiah E.

Wireless Qi Charging Set For iPhones 5/6/7

"I have an iPhone 7 and the receiver was easily attached and mounted behind my phone case. I placed the transmitter on my night-stand (by my bed) and don't have to worry with any cables anymore. I just grab the phone whenever I need it and place it back on the charging station when I don't. It's like MAGIC! Great gift, thank you fianceee! ;)" LordFreak

LXORY QI Wireless charging set for iphone

Foldable Apple Watch Charger Enables Nightstand Mode

foldable apple watch charger lxory

61 Reviews on Amazon  (August 2017)

If you have to replace your Apple Watch charger or just get a second one to go - this one might be worth a look. It’s Apple certified and comes with a unique foldable design to enable nightstand mode.

"Yes! You and your Apple Watch need this!!"  Jenn M.

Solar Powered Outdoor WIFI Security Camera

Smart, versatile, easy to install and self-sufficient. Just place it anywhere around your property without having to think of power supply. The intelligent integration of solar panel, built-in battery and power management system opens new dimensions in property monitoring.

Solar Powered Outdoor WIFI Security Camera

"Product is simple, efficient, and probably the easiest security camera to install. Once unboxing it, the hardest part was opening the on/off latch on the underside. Turning on the unit, syncing it to my Wifi was easy. Entered the default password, and turning on the App, I had an image in seconds. Screwing in 3 screws to my soffit, the camera was installed in 5 minutes. My iphone gets notifications and screen grabs of movement. Perfect."   Bryan C.