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Finally one that works and looks good! I have tried a few dock/stands for my iPhone and Watch. This is the one right here people!

Jeremiah E.

Wireless Charging Set For iPhone

Enjoy the benefits of cable-free charging.
This complete QI charging set for iPhones (5,6,7) gets you started in minutes. Plus it works great as an add-on for the XStand.

wireless charging set for iphone

I have an iphone 7 and the receiver was easily attached and mounted behind my phone case. This system is very intuitive to use. I placed the transmitter on my night-stand (by my bed) and don't have to worry with any cables anymore.
I just grab the phone whenever I need it and place it back on the charging station when I don't.
It's like MAGIC! Great gift, thank you fiaanceee! 😉


Foldable Apple Watch Charger Enables Nightstand Mode

If you have to replace your Apple Watch charger or just get a second one to go - this one might be worth a look. It’s Apple certified and comes with a unique foldable design to enable nightstand mode.

Solar Powered Outdoor WIFI Security Camera

Smart, versatile, easy to install and self-sufficient. Just place it anywhere around your property without having to think of power supply. The intelligent integration of solar panel, built-in battery and power management system opens new dimensions in property monitoring.​

Solar Powered Outdoor WIFI Security Camera

Product is simple, efficient, and probably the easiest security camera to install. Once unboxing it, the hardest part was opening the on/off latch on the underside. Turning on the unit, syncing it to my Wifi was easy. Entered the default password, and turning on the App, I had an image in seconds. Screwing in 3 screws to my soffit, the camera was installed in 5 minutes. My iphone gets notifications and screen grabs of movement. Perfect.

Bryan C.